lease welcome CasaComo as the newest collection to  I sought out this “Made in Canada” brand to fill the high fashion, edgy “Street Style” gap within my SHOP and I think you are going to love it. CasaComo, what is it?

CasaComo is a contemporary fashion clothing brand established in 2011 and based in Toronto, Ontario. “Como” the name, is initially inspired by a breathtaking landscape known for it’s dramatic landscape in northern Italy called Lake Como. The founder and designer of CasaComo, Diano Ivanova, has perfected the business of her bold designs for urban style influencers. CasaComo is remarkable for its stand out basics, clean cuts, and use of specialty fabrics with tasteful feminine and masculine elements, as its signature style.

Diana’s modo when designing her ready to wear collection is “keep it bold” and “less is more”! She describes that she first, envisions an entire look, then works backwards like trying to solve a puzzle. It’s all about playing around with different fabrics and the cut until she achieves the “finale” or masterpiece she originally pictured in her mind. Her belief is that each piece has it’s own spirit that influences the wear-er.

In her own words, Diana describe her brand as “playful-urban”, “elegant” and “classy”. She believes her pieces appeal to people of all ages from teenagers to adults for every situation in life including play, work, leisure and travel. Each piece is comfortable, versatile, unique and well made. All the right ingredients for an easy to wear, extraordinary wardrobe that will make your friends and colleagues extremely covetous. 

Diana’s modo when designing her ready to wear line is “keep it bold” and “less is more”.

Check out some of my favourite pieces from her collection. The low crotch pant is something I have been searching for for a long time. As an avid pant wearer I am always looking for pants that are first and foremost comfortable! Then I inspect whether or not they can be dressed up for formal occasions or dressed down for casual to-and-froms. Details such as pleats or ruching are interesting to me because they give character to an otherwise simple piece of clothing. Finally, I like to have pieces in my wardrobe that are distinctive looking. I am an otherwise simple dresser but I always like to throw something into the mix that people ponder upon: something that the more you look at, the more you learn that you love. If you are like me in that way, or are tired of dressing like everyone else or you want to support Canadian Designers and Canadian made or all of the above, then you need to purchase some of these pieces. Happy CasaComo shopping at

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