Fall lips is a blog about what your lips need to stay moisturized and beautiful looking this fall season. It also explains the different undertone colours and shades that best suit you.

Let’s start with fall lip care. The weather is cooler and drier and much like your skin, your lips can get dry and shriveled looking without the right amount of moisture. Besides staying hydrated, the next best thing you can do for your lips is moisturize them. But how? With these key ingredients.

Vitamin A and E are antioxidants and natural moisturizers. Combined with vitamin F, A and E found in shea butter they help revitalize, soften and maintain moisture of lips.  Avocado Oil is also rich in vitamin A, Lecithin, Potassium, and Chlorophyll which promote elasticity and suppleness of lips. So how can one combine all of these key ingredients into one formula. Easy, you don’t have to since Janice Carol already did the work. She formulated her lipsticks with these key ingredients so you can have gorgeous lips all day, week, month, season, year long! Oh, and they are paraben and lead free unlike most major lipstick brands on store shelves.

Which lipstick colour is for you. My rule is, pick a colour that you love! If you feel beautiful in it then wear it. If you are totally unsure then follow this simple guide.

Light or pale white skin tone: reds, burgundies (pink undertone)

I suggest Fire Red matte lipstick + Scarlet Red automatic lip pencil

White or fair skin tone: pale pink, deep pink, peach

I suggest Neutral Pink liquid matte lipstick + Earthy Rose automatic lip liner

Medium white to olive: light beiges, bronzes, browns

I suggest Misty Mocha lipstick + Chestnut automatic lip liner

Olive to mid brown: any colour you want

May I suggest Burgundy Brown + Intense Berry automatic lip pencil

Brown to dark brown: light shimmer golds or deep dark colours

May I suggest Musesa shimmer lipstick + Cappuccino automatic lip pencil

Very dark brown to black: deep reds, deep purples and black

May I suggest Winter Red + Berry Red automatic lip pencil

I am a busy mom of 2 little ones and because I’m always rushing here and there trying to achieve it all I had to cut down the amount of time I spend getting ready. First, I stopped wearing makeup, sorry no time. Second, I chopped off all my hair, sorry no time for blow outs either! But I still want to look like a woman who is put together. Here is the secret, Just add lipstick! When I leave the house I make sure my skin is hydrated and my lips are painted! It works everytime. If you are not a lipstick person then at least wear a gloss. For those of you who want a lipstick that lasts all day but doesn’t dry out your lips then a liquid matte lipstick is for you. P.s. Don’t forget to perfect your paint job by lining them with a lip liner.  

To purchase your fall lips visit www.stylemet.ca. Happy fall lips shopping.

Peace, love & beauty,


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