hy love black? Holiday parties are currently in abundance and, you would think red would be the popular choice of colour people are most influenced by to wear but it’s actually not! Black is still the go-to preference and not just because of it’s array of elegance, prestige and mystery. Find out about the top 8 reasons why wearing Black is consistently tops.

1.Black is safe. If you are the new girl in the office and just want to blend in at the holiday staff party, black is the colour that is safest to sport.

2.Black is slimming. Let’s say you just had a baby and are insecure of the gorgeous mom body you inherited, you are going to “feel” more slim wearing a black outfit in comparison to any other colour outfit.

3.Black is classic. Let’s say you are meeting your partner’s extended family for the first time. Judging eyes will be obliged to think of you as a classy person with great taste and style.

4.Black is timeless. Even if your black outfit is 10 years old it is still in style because of one reason and one reason only, because of its colour! Black is immortal.

When I find a colour thats darker than black, i’ll wear it. But until then, I’ll wear black. Coco Chanel

5.Black is stunning. No matter your skin tone, hair or eye colour black will suit you. It’s the one shade that looks great on everyone.

6.Black is simple. Since black is a neutral shade it’s simple to pair with the rest of the clothing and accessories you already own no matter their colour.

7.Black is versatile. Any black outfit, weather it be a pantsuit or a LBD can be worn from day to night and still be acceptable, appropriate and fashionable.

8.Black is sexy. Think of any head to toe black outfit…and a red lip: there’s is no sexier look.

Coco Chanel once said, “when I find a colour thats darker than black, I’ll wear it. But until then, I’ll wear black.” She would probably agree with my list.

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