ove red! Love is in the air do do do do do… weather it’s love for your cat, kids, significant other or yourself it’s time to show some of those feelings, states and attitudes this month. Why this month above all other months?

“Red” is an awakening color!!! When wearing the color red we should feel a sense of motivation and empowerment.

February is love-red month because it is the last month of winter! It’s the 4th turn on the racetrack out of winter and towards the finish line…Spring!!!  It’s the month when you realize “uh oh, I need a new spring wardrobe”.  For those of us who have been hibernating “our style” throughout the majority of the winter months, it’s time to show some love by digging out some red pieces from your closet, or, go out and purchase some new ones!!! Why??? Because,  “Red” is the color of love. It’s also an awakening color!!! When wearing the color red we should feel a sense of motivation and empowerment, an energy to help push us through the last month of winter and look forward to the rebirth/revival season…Spring. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, however I too need that extra bit of LOVE to get me through its’ last brutal month and RED is the colour that can help with that! In Chinese culture, red is a lucky color, which is why most brides wear a red wedding gown on their wedding day.

Red is also that perfect accessory color when you have an otherwise monochrome outfit on. A red lip, red handbag, or red shoes can warm up any outfit . Wearing all red, however, is a wow! Just look at Amal Clooney’s work wear! It says hey I’m here and I look good but I mean business!!! Or check out Deepika Padukone wearing this full-sleeved floor length gown. What powerful elegance, grace and beauty. Love is definitely in the air!!!

For my top 5 MUST HAVE “RED” items and where to find them Join the VIP Style Digest List. Happy Red Shopping.

Peace, love & Beauty,


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