his Blog is all about my journey through Toronto Woman’s Fashion week or TWFW. It’s funny, surprising, inspiring and educational.  

My journey started when I learned that this year there happened to be 2 Toronto Fashion Weeks! One was to be the first week of September and the other was to be the first week of October. I didn’t know which to go to so naturally I did my research and found that the TWFW in October was going to showcase more “Canadian” Designers for Canada’s 150 birthday. Obviously, that is the show I would be most interested in since I consider myself an ambassador for Canadian Fashion!

Now, on to choosing which Day to attend as It was a four day long event! When #hamont’s Aboriginal Designer Angela DeMontigny was invited by TWFW to showcase some of her pieces in the Canada 150 Fashion show on October 4th she suggested I come to support. It’s kind of a BIG deal and an honour to walk the stage in front of the greats, therefore, I decided to go on the night her pieces were presenting.

Off I went bringing along with me another local #hamont designer Brenda from Lavish B.E.L. who attended Seneca College for Fashion, worked and lived in Toronto and knows everything there is to know about the industry. Here is where things get interesting. So we Arrive early and since there are no signs letting on that there is a fashion show happening in this enormous size industrial building we were walking around trying different entrances. It just so happened that we bumped into a very large group of well dressed people also trying to find their way into the building. Brenda and I were like 2 salmon just swimming along with the steady flow of other salmon trying door after door into TWFW.

When we finally found our way into the building we followed the crowd into the Town Shoes VIP pre-party fashion show lounge. We were like where are we??? There were displays of shoes everywhere, 3 bars, one for coffee, one for wine and the other for cocktails. There were 2 tables of food plus waiters and waitresses were coming around with platters of food. Brenda and I were in heaven. Someone in charge came up to us and we exchanged introductions. She delicately asked if we had been invited and we honestly answered, no. Her friendly response was, well… enjoy anyway! So we were like…ok…thank you. But what happened next was even more surprising.

Into the VIP party walks Ms. Jeanne Beker. Surprise!!! The World Renowned Fashion Journalist was 5 feet away from where I was sitting and I was dying to meet her. Brenda, who used to work for Zapata Toronto and used to make clothes for Jeanne, walks up to her and starts reminiscing about the past. I waited patiently for an introduction and it paid off. I got to shake her hand and chat briefly with her. I loved her energy. I loved being in the presence of a pioneer. A woman who brought us behind the scenes of the fashion industry and introduced us to world renowned designers. A woman who taught me passion for fashion. This moment was epic!!!

The show is about to start and it’s time for us to take our seats for the Claire Lemaitre-Auger show and where are we seated? Front row beside Jeanne Beker imaging that! Her assistant asks me about my dress and I give her Angela DeMontigny’s business card! The night couldn’t be off to a better start! Brenda and I watched as the models floated down the runway in their silk, linen, cotton and crocheted works of art. Claire, having grown up between the city and the countryside of Montreal, her pieces have been inspired by old fashioned values and modern day charm. Each piece was a “Masterpiece”. The amount of creativity and hard work that went into each piece was evident and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

The next show we viewed was that of Zoran Dobric. At present, Zoran is based in Toronto but has lived in many places all over the world which has influenced his designs to be ethnic inclusive. He is inspired by art, folklore, culture and original textiles and creates unique yet timeless pieces of wearable art from these influences. In my opinion, most if not all the pieces that walked the runway were gender neutral which was nice to see.

Stephan Caras presentation was next and I can’t say enough about the collection. It was sexy, elegant, feminine, beautiful and delicate all at the same time. It was shiny, bright and brilliant.  

Canada 150 Fashion was the next show scheduled and RED and WHITE was the theme. The presentation consisted of multiple Canadian designers. There were so many I can’t even list them all. Angela DeMontigny’s Designs walked the first scene and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Her pieces were a miraculous addition to the presentation of Canada’s best!

It was 11:00pm on 1 Young St. Toronto and the night was still young as the after parties were just getting started but I needed to head home and to bed.

There are so many talented designers in this country, I wonder why we (myself included) aren’t more conscience about who we wear or where we buy our clothing and accessories. I wonder why we most often don’t think to support our own? It’s something that is changing though, for me anyhow, how about you?

Peace, love & beauty,


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