antone’s colour of the year for 2018 has been announced and it is…(drum roll please)…ultraviolet aka purple with a blue undertone. Honestly, it’s a significant colour because ultraviolet “represents transformation, creativity and spirituality. Coincidentally, it’s my favourite colour, probably, because I am constantly trying to revamp my fashion sense in a creative way and creativity flows through my spirit. Or, it could simply be that it’s my birthstone and I like the way it looks with my skin and hair colour.  Either way, ultraviolet is the choice colour of the year and wearing it could remind you of a few curious entities.  

Since biblical times, wearing the Color purple regarded you as regal or from high court. The means/ingredients it took to make the colour purple were rare and expensive (not to mention time consuming to accumulate) which made it affordable only by kings, queens, nobles and magistrates. Today, wearing this colour connects us to that regal feeling of wealth and power. Wear ultraviolet next time you need confidence to do something that you are scared to death to do but know you need to concur.

Speaking of power (in a more natural way though) The crown chakra is purple and I’m not talking about the kind you wear on your head. I am talking about your actual head. Back up, what’s a chakra? In esoteric Indian traditions, a chakra is believed to be “a psychic-energy centre” located at our spine from the crown of the head to the bottom of your tailbone. There are believed to be 7 chakras influencing our mind, body and spirit, essentially, our power source. The crown chakra, ultraviolet, is said to represent our power source for “wisdom and being” or for “oneness with the world”. Curious yet? Where is this going? I guess, if you want to be wise, wear more purple and meditate.   

As for the world, It needs us to wake up and realize that we are the world (like the 1985 USA for Africa song sings). The timing for ultraviolet to be the colour of this year is of no coincidence since more than ever we need to see our connection to the earth and our coexistence within it together. It’s time to be conscious of our actions and of others. I have been transformed and I am happy for it! I actually think  before I shop now and let me tell you, I love to shop. But, I am now more conscience of where my apparel and accessories are made and by whom they are made and i’m proud of that. It is not easy to find Canadian made products though; that is why I opened my Canadian Made online boutique so that it may be much easier for you. Support this movement or this fashion revolution with me and be more conscience of who you buy. Happy wearing ultraviolet and happy shopping at shop.stylemet.ca.

Peace, love & beauty,


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